A Comprehensive Guide to Deborah Crombie’s Book Collection: Unravelling the Order of her Masterpieces


When embarking on a thrilling literary voyage with a prolific author such as Deborah Crombie, it’s worth immersing yourself in the series chronologically, to fully appreciate the masterfully woven story arcs and character development. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth exploration of Crombie’s enchanting mysteries, from the first text to the latest, outlining the order of her immense contribution to the literary world.

Chapter 1: Understanding the Literary Genius of Deborah Crombie

Widely renowned for her Gemma James and Duncan Kincaid series, Deborah Crombie has made her mark in the mystery genre. Each work is a testament to her unrivalled capacity to combine intriguing narratives, complex characters, and vivid settings. This guide enables you to trace her storytelling evolution, showcasing the form, style, and substance that solidify Crombie’s place in literary annals.

Chapter 2: The Genesis of the Series – ‘A Share in Death’

All epic tales commence somewhere, and for Crombie, it started with ‘A Share in Death’. Published in 1993, this inaugural novel introduced readers to Scotland Yard detectives Kincaid and James. It superbly sets the stage for the deeply intertwined personal and professional lives of the duo, a foundational theme running throughout the series.

Chapter 3: Progression and Growth – ‘All Shall Be Well’

The magnetism between the lead characters escalates in Crombie’s second novel, ‘All Shall Be Well’. Transitioning seamlessly from the first, this book consolidates the partnership whilst navigating through a gripping new investigative landscape.

Chapter 4: Exploring Relationship Dynamics –‘Leave the Grave Green’

The development of Kincaid and James’s bond continues with the third installment, ‘Leave the Grave Green’. Crombie expertly interweaves their increasingly complex relationship with a fresh, intriguing case, striking a fine balance between personal narrative and hard-hitting suspense.

Chapter 5: The Series Evolution: Understanding the Later Books

Remarkably, Crombie has sustained the spirit of her beloved characters through 18 books thus far. From ‘Mourn Not Your Dead’ to ‘A Bitter Feast’ and the latest installment ‘Still Life’, Crombie has deftly maintained a dynamic narrative thread, while perpetually drawing from society and history, reinforcing the characters’ evolution and the unfolding plotline.

Chapter 6: Celebrating Deborah Crombie’s Works Beyond the Series

Crombie’s talent extends beyond the beloved series. Her standalone title, ‘Dreaming of the Bones,’ wowed readers and critics alike, even making it to the New York Times Notable Book of the Year list in 1997.


Deborah Crombie’s literary prowess shines in her ability to keep generations of readers enthralled with her series. Her books are not merely a collection of mystery novels, but rather offer an unfolding journey through the lives of her characters over several works. Following Kincaid and James’s progression from ’A Share in Death’ to the current ‘Still Life,’ presents a rich tapestry of character development, intricate plotlines, and vibrant backdrops. This guide, in celebrating the order of Crombie’s gripping novels, is an ode to her continued contribution to mystery and literature as a whole.

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