A Comprehensive Walkthrough of the Walt Longmire Series in Sequence


The Walt Longmire series, penned by Craig Johnson, is a popular staple in the genre of contemporary western crime novels. Unfolding in the picturesque setting of rural Wyoming, every book in this series engrosses readers with well-structured mysteries and vivid character development.

The First Installation: The Cold Dish

The journey of Walt Longmire begins in the series’ first book, "The Cold Dish". Introduced as the beleaguered sheriff of a fictional Absaroka County, Longmire grapples with a simmering murder mystery. Tightly-woven narrative threads embroil him in a case centered around the death of a young man – a crime bearing a disturbing congruity to an earlier incident.

Death Without Company: Book Two

The spectacular saga continues in "Death Without Company". Presenting the protagonist in fresh trials and tribulations, Johnson frays the edges of Longmire’s character. He’s entrusted, yet again, with unraveling a murder mystery – this time involving a resident in an assisted-living facility. The series expertly explores the concepts of loneliness, identity, and the inexorable march towards the inevitable.

Kindness Goes Unpunished: A Shift in Scenery

In "Kindness Goes Unpunished", Johnson dexterously transports Longmire from his familiar Wyoming haunts. Our protagonist finds himself plunged into the bustling metropolises of Philadelphia. While visiting his daughter, he inadvertently stumbles onto an explosive case, showcasing Johnson’s proficiency to weave varied scenarios.

Another Man’s Moccasins: A Flashback to War

"Another Man’s Moccasins" juxtaposes Longmire’s present with his past war experiences in Vietnam. As Longmire investigates a suitcase found by the highway, he discovers eerie parallels between the victim’s life and his own, driving the plot through the nuances of human memories and the ghosts of the past.

The Dark Horse: The Battle against Misjudgements

"The Dark Horse" finds Longmire embroiled in a case where everyone but him is convinced of the suspect’s guilt. As the surreptitious storyline reflects on our inherent biases, Longmire’s steadfast belief in justice shines through, enforcing his character’s depth.

Distinguishing Features – Strong Female Characters

Vivid female characters illustrate the Walt Longmire series – most notably, the savvy lawyer Victoria Moretti, instrumental in many of Longmire’s investigations. While Johnson’s portrayal empowers her, it doesn’t render her immune to the complexities of life, making her an intriguingly genuine character.

The Major Component – Rich, Authentic Native American Culture

The series also radiates the rich, authentic influence of Native American culture. Johnson imbues his narrative with an earnest respect and unflinching portrayal of their heritage and struggles, breathing life into characters like Henry Standing Bear, a close friend of Longmire’s.


From "Junkyard Dogs" to “Hell is Empty” and “Any Other Name” to the latest “Land of Wolves,” The Walt Longmire series is a compelling journey, gripping readers with panoramic landscapes, unflinching resolutions, and characters pulsating with realism. Each book intricately layers cases steeped in stellar storytelling, subtly unwrapping Longmire’s character depth and highlighting his undeterred pursuit of justice.

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